At Grubbies, we’re obsessed with sizing and fit. We don’t think it’s good enough to make dungarees for a six month old that are just a smaller version of the ones we make for their big brothers and sisters. No offence babies, but your big heads, big tummies and short, chunky legs, require a more bespoke approach. 

We therefore measure and fit every size range individually rather than relying on a sliding scale, because babies just don’t grow like that. To help you choose the right size, the following are the Grubbies sizes and how they accord to your child’s height in centimetres – this continental system of sizing seems eminently sensible to us. It might help to know that the Prairie and the Gummies tend to run very true to size, whereas our dungarees tend to be on the generous side.


Size Newborn 0-3m 3-6m 6-12m 12-18m 18-24m
Height 58cm 64cm 70cm 76cm 83cm 90cm

Originals, Outlaws, Prairie, Riders

Size 0-6m 6-12m 12-18m 18-24m 2-3y 3-4y 4-5y
Height 68cm 76cm 83cm 90cm 98cm 104cm 110cm

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